Economic challenges-inaction comes with costs

By Eng Geoffrey Chishimba Chiyumbe Negligence is simply defined as “failure to take proper care and as a result, that failure causes injury or damage to someone.” The best way to explain negligence is with this example: If you fail to fix the roof in your office and a client comes into the office and […]

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Fired over social media post

By Dickson Jere A South African colleague reached out to me crying. He has been fired for posting somewhat inappropriate tweet on the Springbok after their weekend Rug World Cup win. “But it was on my personal page nothing to do with the company,” he tearfully narrated his ordeal, adding that he even deleted the […]

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Some Councillors are shameless

Dear Editor, I write with shame how some civic leaders have failed to lead to the aspirations of their voters with developmental projects in their wards. It is even more embarrassing that a civic leader will go to the media and to start  praising oneself about developmental projects being done government that are none […]

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