The brave and courageous: Pamela and 12 others rescued

 The brave and courageous: Pamela and 12 others rescued

Thirteen young women ranging from the age of 17 to 28 years were rescued yesterday after months of being held in captivity in Lusaka’s Chalala area.

Pamela Chisumpa a 22-year-old Mobile Money Booth operator who had been kidnapped 6-months ago along Cairo road was also among them.

One of the young women, Agnes Kapwaya a first year nursing student who had been kidnapped 3 weeks ago risked her life by scaling the wall fence and running to the neighbor’s house for help.

Agnes ceased the opportunity to escape after one of the abductors left the bedroom door unlocked.

A young man at the neighboring house heard the cries for help and with the assistance of other neighbors armed themselves with an axe went to the kidnappers’ house.

Like something straight out of the American horror stories, the young man identified as Robby and others were shocked to find several traumatized young women of which one of them was pregnant.

The brave heroes called the police then managed to recuse the women out of the house of horror and torture, they say police arrived after the rescue was done.

The witnesses say that they found a coffin, shrine, charms, pads and condoms scattered everywhere in the house that looked normal from the outside.

“We frequently saw some of the guys from that house buying condoms and pads and wondered why  men would be buying so many pads,” one of the witnesses narrated.

The neighbors who were visibly shaken and shocked with the mayhem and atrocities that had been happening in their area claimed the occupants of “the house of horror” only have been there for a month, if true this might mean that Pamela and the other ladies were being moved frequently and did not stay in one location during the abduction.

And Inspector General of Police Lemmy Kajoba who led a team of police officers to the crime scene said all the victims had been taken to a medical facility to receive medical attention.