Kunda Chani

Kunda Chani is new PF vice mobilization Coordinator

By ALICE NACHILEMBE Small Scale Miners Association of Zambia Executive Director Kunda Chani has been appointed as new PF vice mobilization Coordinator for Copperbelt Province. Mr Chani is among the five people who have been appointed to be part of the PF National Mobilization Committee. The PF National Mobilisation Committee Chairperson Richard Musukwa announced the additions to the committee in a statement. Those appointed with … Continue reading Kunda Chani is new PF vice mobilization Coordinator

K30m empowerment not a solution-LM

By JOHN SAKALA The Leadership Movement (LM) National Youth Coordinator Chalwe Chandalala says giving youths K30 million an empowerment fund is not a solution the problems of youths. Mr Chandalala said LM had observed with sadness that youths had been cheated with empowerment amidst unemployment levels. “As the Leadership Movement we call upon all the youths to stand up and demand for jobs instead of … Continue reading K30m empowerment not a solution-LM

LM promises youth empowerment

By JOHN SAKALA Leadership Movement (LM) Youth Coordinator Chalwe Chanadala says LM will bring back the youth empowerment fund in 2021 once in power. Mr Chandalala said with Zambia being hit by coronavirus the majority of the youths are living in poverty. “As a caring government we promise to bring back the Youth Empowerment Fund which will help a huge number of unemployed youths. “Under … Continue reading LM promises youth empowerment