Unmasking the truth behind Nchanga MP’s gun threat allegations

 Unmasking the truth behind Nchanga MP’s gun threat allegations

The insight story of Nchanga Member of Parliament (MP) Derricky Chilundika’s story where the MP is alleged to have brandshed a gun at a member of the public who is alleged to have sold his son some narcotic substance.

Sources close to the MPs Family and close police sources with information on the matter says, Lastone Chama the man in the video that has gone viral on January 7, 2023 did sell the substance called OG to the honorable’s son.

According to the sources, on the same day the MP went and complained to the police about Chama selling some substance suspected to be Marijuana to his son.

The same night, thé MP went to report Chama, and in the company of the police they went to Chama’s Shop and the police raid a search on the shop to which no Marijuana was found in his shop.
But the staff called OG which is not properly packed and branded as per ZBS was found and Chama pleaded with the MP to forgive him.

The MP and the police left Chama but advised him to report to police the following morning.
The following Morning, which was a Sunday, Chama went back to the police and complain about the MP taking him to the police the previous night over him selling OG to his son.

Chama went on to tell the police that the MP had also pointed a gun and threatened him with it.
After he reported to the police, Chama went on to record the Video of how the MP had threatened to kill him.

Sources close to the Police have also said that Chama claimed that he had witnesses who were present at the scene where the MP threatened him, and the one person who was produced as witness said he saw the MP talking to Chama, but he was not pointing a gun at him. The second witness he claimed to have been on the scene has not yet shown up.

And the police are also investigating Phebian Tukuya the man who was making the video. According to the sources Phebian was not even around when the whole incident happened.

Phebian has also been on record of raising confrontational statements against the MP on social media even before this matter came up.

The MP who has opted to remain quiet has launched a complaint to the Police as the relevant Authority to deal with the case because he wants the law to take its course without interference and préjudice.

The MP made a Comment in a whatassp group that read
“Don’t think my quietness on this matter implies being any closer to being guilty.

I have launched the complaint with the police who are investigating the matter and i opted to remain quiet so as to allow the police to professionally do their work and bring the culprits to book.

Iam born and bred in Nchanga, I have never had any criminal charge or record in life up to my age.Part of what made the people of Nchanga constituency to elect me beyond political divide is my peaceful nature and humility to the people.

It is my prayer that when the law takes its course you the same people will not twist your language in favour and sympathy of the suspects of this cybercrime.

The MP who in the recent past suffered attacks at his resident thinks there are people within the political circles who want to bring his name down and won’t sleep at any cost.
Inside Sources. We will keep you updated.

Alice Nachilembe


Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.