Don Mungulube thankful for PF adoptions of youths

 Don Mungulube thankful for PF adoptions of youths

Lufwanyama PF parliamentary candidate Don Mungulube has thanked President Edgar for adopting youthful candidates.

Mr Mungulube said for the PF to consider adopting youths to participate in various public positions indicate a bright future.

Mr Mungulube said the country’s population consists of 74% of the youth.

“It is commendable that the ruling PF has given opportunity to youths to represent people from various sectors. In this way, the youths will learn on how to govern from the seasoned politicians among them.

“This blending, will translate into what we have been talking about all along, ‘the future leaders.’ Just on the Copperbelt, we have Christopher Kang’ombe as PF parliamentary candidate for Kamfinsa, in Roan we have Nathan Chanda and am in Lufwanyama,” he said.

Mr Mungulube who is also Copperbelt Provincial Youth chairperson said the August 12 General election is an indication of a bright future because the majority of the population has been adopted.

“I wish to call on those who were lucky to have been adopted to show unity, humility and respect towards those who were not adopted and still support the party and leader President Edgar Lungu who is also our party’s Presidential candidate, we need to work hard and ensure maximum results are achieved for the party,” he said