Prof Luo encourages violence free campaigns

 Prof Luo encourages violence free campaigns

Professor Nkandu Luo has appealed to Patriotic Front members not to engage in any form of violence even if they are provoked.

Prof Luo said the PF must instead tell the electorate about the work that the party has done instead of resorting to violence.

“The party has a lot of developmental projects that must be talked about during the campaigns; we must go out to campaign for President Lungu and all aspiring candidates and explain to the electorate what the party has done for the country so far,” she said.

Prof Luo who is also President Lungu’s running mate said she is concerned about the health of Zambians and that is why the party will not conduct any rallies because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

I wish to call on all party members to utilize other means to campaign such as door to door campaigns, so that the spread of the coronavirus is lessened, it has been observed that rallies and huge gatherings are super spreaders of the virus,” she said.

She was speaking when she met PF party officials at the party campaign Centre in Kanyama, Lusaka province.