Providing leadership that satisfy the led

 Providing leadership that satisfy the led

Rev Clifford Chisha

By Rev.Clifford Chisha

On the list of things a leader is supposed to do to provide leadership that satisfy the led is to appoint or employ the right people, properly orient them, delegate or share the burden with them and avoid causing himself to do most of the things they are supposed to do.

Exodus 18:23
“If you do this and God so commands, you will be able to stand the strain, and all these people will go home satisfied.”

In Exodus 18:21, Moses was advised by his father in law to find capable men,honest men who fear God and hate bribes to help him handle ordinary cases and leave him to handle complicated matters.

Moses used to sit from morning till evening to attend to people alone.
His father in law observed that he was not only going to wear himself out but even the people he eagerly wanted to help.
Moses needed to share the pressure.

When a leader regularly takes up the tasks of his or her subordinates when they are available, it’s an indication of either of the following:

i. the leader has appointed incapable people in leadership positions, or

ii. the leader has trust issues. He thinks others cannot deliver and that he is good at almost everything.

Some of us leaders have people in positions for formality sake, just to fill the structure.
This is not good for us and for the people.

The results of delegating to capable people and allowing them to do their work are great. The include the following:

i. a leader will be able to stand the strain or endure the pressure.
This will help him avoid experiencing unnecessary mentally exhaustion, other health issues and making unnecessary mistakes.
As a result, quality leadership will be provided.

ii. people will go home satisfied or in peace as they will not be frustrated for having their valuable time wasted or for not receiving “quality” services.

Fellow leaders, we can stand strain and cause our people to go home satisfied if we follow the “Jethro” formular.