PF should rest

 PF should rest

Dear Editor,
I write with shock that PF is really still fighting for political relevance despite its landslide loss in the just ended 12th August 2021 general elections.

The language coming from them is that they are being victimized by the UPND and not the investigative wings, whenever they are summoned before them to answer to some allegations.

Worse is, as Zambians are slowly healing from the PF brutality that saw the freedom of association, speech, etc. being trampled upon, the party’s hierarchy is now tampering on the much fought freedom that came with the change of government on 12th August 2021.

The fact is, if you used the wrong ways of prosecuting the corrupt, those who stole public funds, those who abused their offices and positions, the New Dawn Government under the leadership of President Hakainde Hichilema is using the correct channel that everyone is seeing, using relevance government institutions mandated to do so, and not political platforms. So don’t cry foul, go and cleanse yourselves as required by law.

Your failing to prosecute President HH then as opposition leader over your alleged impropriety behavior then as a Consultant during the sale of Mines means you did not have any evidence to that hence you resorting to arrest him when and as it pleased you to silence him.

Shockingly, instead of helping the nation to quietly heal when we were burying our fourth republican President RB, you again showed that you are not repentant and do not deserve a come back chance.

Instead of the only Former Head of State Mr Edgar Lungu to take the opportunity to heal the nation, he again decisively or ignorantly spewed what has taken the media with storm……..HYPOCRISY.

Yes it is normal that we always eulogize people in their death and this is not isolated to anybody. Question is how did you treat your predecessors and opposition political parties when it came to national events such as national funerals? Don’t you guys have a rewind button to compare and contrast? Zambians can no longer dance to cheap political propaganda.

As for someone to complain that while the burial was taking place for RB, some PF members’ homes were being searched and calls this hypocrisy, God forbid! The whole lot of what we thought are learned civic leaders to try to mislead that whenever there is a state function investigative wings go to sleep is total nonsense.

My advice is an allegation is not a conviction if you don’t know, go clear yourselves and live in peace and harmony with the current transformed status quo of the nation, not the illegality that you were used to.

You created this messy and therefore honor up and stop confusing yourselves.

Wisdom Muyunda