The New Dawn has done more talking than working’ – Lilembalemba

 The New Dawn has done more talking than working’ – Lilembalemba

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has described President Hakainde Hichilema’s 100 days in office to a driver of a brand new truck and trailer with a knocked engine who decides to start by fixing the tyres.

NDC Chairperson for Media and Information and Party Spokesperson Muliyunda Lilembalemba said that President Hichilema had invested much of his time on wanting to show the nation that he can do this better than the PF administration.

“President Hichilema must demonstrate seriousness and stop competing with the former ruling Party as that has nothing to do with the delivery of his campaign promises to the people of Zambia. He has used his first hundred days not to put the systems in place to fix the damaged engine but to use his privilege to tell Zambians that former Ministers and Permanent Secretaries used to get allowances when attending a meeting during a working day, brag about going to the white house, talk about how his cabinet will have people from all regions,” he said.

Mr Lilembalemba said that Governmentt should not derail people’s minds with coffers being empty, because they were elected on the premise that they will fix the economy.

He said that it is time the UPND administration focused their minds on how to deliver sustainable economic development to the people than focusing on telling Zambians what the PF did wrong or did not do.

“Let us use our energies prudently and inspire others to aspire to be where we are every time we are given an opportunity to speak, Mr Hichilema should speak more of the UPND’s ten point plan now more than anything else. That is the difference we want to see and that is the hope the people of Zambia saw in the UPND prior to the elections,” he said.

Mr Lilembalemba said that the trajectory on which the UPND was premised during their acceptance speech seems to have lost track when President Hichilema received the instruments of power as their focus seems to have been derailed by their discoveries.

“It is very strange that a driver who seemed to know that the problem of his truck was the engine now seems to have lost track after it was handed over to him. His realization that the tyres are second had should not make him lose focus,” he said.

Mr Lilembalemba said that Zambians were watching and sitting right by the edge of their chairs everyday hoping to be inspired by President Hichilema, but unfortunately they have been deflated everyday by the missing of opportunity by the Republican President.