Is Vedanta Back?

 Is Vedanta Back?

Dear Editor,

It is very sad that Vedanta is popping its head back in Chingola and Chililabombwe! What’s more sad is that the government is quiet about all this.
Vedanta made us go through hell in Chingola and Chililabombwe and it’s against this background that the people decided to revoke the social license which they gave them.

They abused their social license and they didn’t seem to care to do anything about it, now they want to bounce back in a more cruel way, through the backdoor using some unsuspecting NGO’s and taking advantage of the vulnerable to push their agenda!
As residents of Chingola, this we shall not allow!

Is Bally aware of these manouvers by Vedanta? Does Vedanta have the blessings of the New Dawn government in pursuing their underhand methods to take back KCM?

Bally, please fix the mess at KCM! If you let Vendata sneak in through the backdoor, we’ll fail to make them account for the mess they caused in Chingola.

If they mean well, they should seek transparent audience with the government and all other stakeholders and wage a way forward for KCM. Not these sneaky manouvers of using the vulnerable to push their agenda, we’ll not allow it. We have to know what we are dealing with than cry foul years later when the damage reaches unbelievable levels.

To the NGOs, please be more considerate and patriotic by keeping away from being used to push dark agendas against your own people just for a few pieces of silver.

And we should make it very clear that we are alive to the fact that Vedanta may want to put the blame on the PF regime for the misery they caused in these mining towns and we won’t have it, they are equal accomplices! PF paid the price and were kicked out of government, Vedanta should not go scot free.

Bally, kindly fix the mess at KCM, your silence on this very serious issue is very worrying.

A New Dawn should come with renewed hope for the Citizens, not more uncertainty.

Vedanta abused their social contract with the people of Chingola and they are not welcome back if it’s through the backdoor…!!!
If Vedanta want to hold on to KCM, they should come in the open and sign a new social contract with the people of Chingola and Chililabombwe, make known what they intend to do different if we are to allow them back, and we’ll make known what we want, transparently!


Arthur Teleshi
At your service