Luanshya Copper Mines donates fertilizer to small-scale farmers

 Luanshya Copper Mines donates fertilizer to small-scale farmers

Luanshya Copper Mines (CLM) has donated a consignment of fertilizers and grain seeds valued at K350 000.00 to vulnerable small-scale farmers and some former freedom fighters.

CLM Chief Executive Officer Wang Jingjun said during the Handover Ceremony which was held at the Luanshya Copper Mines general offices that his company has over the past 13 years spent a total of two million Kwacha on inputs donations to vulnerable but viable small-scale farmers in the mining town.

Mr Wang said CLM has so far spent K80 million on financing various corporate social responsibility activities over the years.

He said despite facing challenges in the recent past CLM was continued making donations of farming inputs to vulnerable small-scale farmers from all parts of Luanshya.

Mr Wang also said that CLM was motivated by the positive stories of transformed lives of some less privileged small-scale farmers in Fisenge, Maposa and Kafubu farming blocks after receiving the fertilizers and grain seeds donated by his mining company.

Luanshya Mayor Charles Mulenga commended CLM management for consistently demonstrating commitment to uplifting the standards of living of residents through strengthening food security capacity of the vulnerable communities by donating farming inputs.

“I want to make it clear that this consignment of fertilizer and seeds is not being donated to the office of the Mayor or DC. Please note that the fertilizer and seeds being donated here are meant for the vulnerable small-scale framers and nobody else,” the Mayor said.

The City Father also thanked CLM for being a good corporate citizen of Luanshya over the years by contributing towards the rehabilitation of Roan bridge which until recently had a history of flooding before it was elevated and subjected to routine maintenance works.

According to Mayor Mulenga CLM has also been providing support towards pot-hole mending apart from being currently engaged to be part of the potential donors for the planned complete make-over of the H Figov road in the central business district which is in a deplorable state.

Luanshya District Commissioner(DC) Once more Ngonomo said Government was impressed with CLM corporate social responsibility programmes which were helping to diversify Luanshya economy from mining dependence to agriculture by encouraging ordinary residents especially the less privileged to start farming.

Mr Ngonomo assured CLM management that Government was determined to create an enabling environment for all local and foreign investors apart from protecting their investments at all times.

Luanshya District Agriculture Coordinator (DACO) John Phiri said the department of agriculture will work closely with all stakeholders and ensure that deserving less privileged farmers are identified to benefit from the donation.

A representative of the beneficiaries Anthony Kaluba thanked CLM for the donation which was alleviating the suffering of less privileged farmers and promoting far mining in Luanshya.

Luanshya Agro Suppliers managing director Dina Kabonso Bwaya disclosed that CLM has a deliberate policy of doing business with local companies, small and medium industries, a move which has impressed the private sector in Luanshya.

Luanshya Agro Suppliers is the official supplier of farming inputs to Luanshya Copper Mines.


Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.