UPND cadres don’t mean well to the President

 UPND cadres don’t mean well to the President

I write with a sad heart to see how UPND cadres are defying the Presidential order to enhance sanity in politics and governance, and stop intimidating political opponents.

Despite President Hakainde Hichilema advising UPND and Alliance partners to coexist with everyone regardless of race, tribe, colour and political affiliation, the advice seem to have fallen on deaf ears of some cadres and even leaders.

The situation here in Chingola is actually embarrassing where the Mayor of the Town His Worship Hon Johnson Kang’ombe is not stopping cadres masquerading as his Managers when that position is managed by a system and not cadres who have not even seen the inside of a classroom.

They are using impunity of being the party in power, which unfortunately is against the Presidential order to the UPND Party members and cadres.

One person that is currently causing mayhem and denting the office of the Chingola Mayor and even the already dented office of  the Town Clerk knowingly or unknowingly is a cadre by the name of Governor.

Shockingly even the police seem to be dancing to this boy’s tune just because of the political connection, something that made PF go ku wire.

The office of the Mayor is now to serve ALL the people of Chingola and therefore it is just common sense that it is freed of these cadres so that people can be served diligently.

The way things are, I can tell that there is crisis in the way of doing things by the party in government, I think compounded by kwikalisha mu opposition. While the President means well, the leaders and their cadres are doing something totally different.

Ba Worship Kang’ombe please tame those hefty cadres that loiter at your offices everyday, not giving freedom to people to access that government office or else they will bring you down.