Address the broad daylight theft in chain stores

 Address the broad daylight theft in chain stores

I appeal to President Hakainde Hichilema through the relevant New Dawn government line Ministry to quickly address the broad daylight stealing of people’s hard earned kwachas by most of these multinationals for their own growth.

We have given a blind eye to this shocking and laughable though truth about what happens daily in most of these chain stores and super markets………..

Shoprite and PickNpay for example will charge for an item at K86.55. Mostly unless through swiping, from my K100.00 cash I will produce by the till to pay for my goodies, i will be given K13.00 as change leaving behind a K0.45 which is never in their tills.

Shockingly, asking them for that is more less like one is being difficult yet that is business and not the teller’s money but the company owners he/she doesn’t even know.

Now multiply that by the number of clients in a day by 30 days and finally 12months to see the loose money these chaps are pocketing from us! And most of these that quote like that are not Zambian businesses in most instances. Can this nonsense stop now if not yesterday.

While this is happening, us as clients will never at any given time be allowed to pay less even by 20 ngwee.

It is for this reason that we get serious and stop carrying life as usual but find a sound solution to this, even if it means rounding off the pricing to the last K0.50 in the shelf prices.

I personally have been told am not being a gentleman before in most of these chain stores for asking for even a sweet equivalent to the 45 ngwee change than leaving it to the company muntu am not seeing and will actually never see or know, but being represented by my Zambian sister or brother on the till who also seem not to see outside the box.

BOMA, yangananiponi apo.

Wisdom Muyunda