Thank you parley for adjourning-Bishop Kazhila

 Thank you parley for adjourning-Bishop Kazhila

Life Gospel Fellowship Ministries Church International General Overseer Bishop Joseph Kazhila has thanked Parliament for adjourning following reports of coronavirus at National Assembly.

Bishop Kazhila said such preventing precautionary measures show leadership because life supersedes any business.

“We thank God the authorities have heeded the call to adjourn Parliament sine die due to covid-19! We however wish to appeal to the authorities to shed more light on those who are infected? Whether they are asymptomatic or symptomatic?

“We also need the information of those who are dying of covid-19. This information must be availed so that community, especially neighborhoods, are aware of which patient to visit or not and which funeral to attend or not. Knowledge is power and it can save the masses,” he posted on his Facebook page.

Bishop Kazhila said people who are asymptomatic or symptomatic need to be quarantined when they are positive and all their primary and secondary contacts followed up and tested as a way to curb the spread.

He said that nobody should delight in deaths of other human beings.


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