French based tropical woods association to invest in Zambia

 French based tropical woods association to invest in Zambia
A French based International Association specialized in legal and certified timber trade has pledged to explore investment opportunities in the forestry sector in Zambia.
The investment pledge was made after Green Economy and Environment Minister Collins Nzovu asked for support from the International Technical Association for Tropical Woods (ATIBT) to help Zambia derive maximum benefits from the Timber trade which has a huge potential to contribute to the county’s economic growth.
During a meeting held at the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs in Paris with ATIBT director general Benoit Duval,Zambia’s Ambassador to France Dr Christine Kaseba Sata ,Zambia Environmental Management Agency Director Maxwell Nkoya and the embassy staff,Mr Nzovu said Zambia was looking for technical and financial support to achieve value addition for the timber resource.
Mr Nzovu said there is a need to add value to the timber to realise a lot of benefits from the sector.
He expressed concern that despite Zambia being endowed with a huge land mass with indigeneous and valuable timber,the country does not get the much needed benefits from the timber trade as most of it is exported as a raw material.
Mr Nzovu added that the country is very keen to see French firms invest in the forestry industry in Zambia.
He said Zambia needs technology to also quantify the timber resource and measure the afforestation efforts.
Mr Nzovu assured ATIBT of good investment policies favourable to their business as governmnet has set up meaures aimed protecting private investors.
ATIBT director general Benoit Duval promised to create market linkages for the Zambian timber actors to the European market .
Mr Duval said his association will further provide the Zambian timber actors with the necessary information and facilities to get to the European market.
Mr Duval added that the association with some European investors will therefore undertake a mission to Zambia to see how best they can invest in sustainable forest management.
Mr Duval said ATIBT is interested in developing collaborations with the timber players in Zambia while giving back value to the forest through sustainable management of forest.
He said the association is also interested in developing biodiversity certification for the timber industry in Zambia so as to minimize the impacts on biodiversity when undertaking activities in the forest.

Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.