Chingola’s Noob Gee raptures with 14 rappers

 Chingola’s Noob Gee raptures with 14 rappers

Chingola based upcoming rapper Noob Gee pushes his lucky with Deezee Media in wanting to rapture on the music scene.

Noob Gee is not a new name to Chingola rappers, though his growth has stunted due to several circumstances.

However, an award winning Photographer and Video Producer Dennis Zunda popularly known as Deezee under his firm Deezee Media has assembled 15 rappers to help them shoot to stardom.

Deezee working with two music producers THQ and Vuesmallz have offered their services for free to the 15 rappers to help them step a foot in the waters of stardom.

With lockdown which the country is facing due to the outbreak of coronavirus (Covid-19) most artistes have no shows thereby dwarfing their chances to be seen.

Deezee told The Independent Observer entertainment that to ensure that the rappers have music shows for them to be seen and spotted he has created a Youtube channel called ‘Deezee Media’ where he will be hosting all the 15 rappers.

He said Chingola which is home to the finest rappers in the country in the duo of Macky 2 and his kid brother Chef 187, has the possibility of producing more good rappers.

“Some of the songs done by Noob Gee can be mistaken to have been done by talented Chef 187 like the song titled ‘Chinkula,” he said.

The “Deezee Media” Youtube channel will launched today July 21, 2020, at 18:00 hrs.

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The Independent Observer

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