TopStar extends Power TV coverage countrywide

 TopStar extends Power TV coverage countrywide

TopStar Communications Company Limited and Power TV have signed a contract to expand the coverage of the television station countrywide, from the current 15 provincial sites including Lusaka.

Power TV becomes the 11th television station to be covered countrywide on the TopStar platform.

Television stations on TopStar platform, are at liberty, upon application, to request for any number of sites for coverage of signal, subject to availability of space and fees payable as prescribed by Zambia Information Communication and Technology Authority (ZICTA).

TopStar Communications Acting Chief Executive Officer, Mr Brooklyn congratulated Power TV for extending their coverage countrywide as this would also increase their audience to all parts of the country and expand their edutainment product to the younger generation.

“Our philosophy as TopStar is to support and encourage the distribution of local content on our platform to every household in all parts of the country through affordable subscription fees and the local TV stations on the platform have demonstrated that they are equal to the task to deliver quality local content which is captivating and informative. Please note that TopStar will always stand with the customer to enjoy digital TV,” Mr Brooklyn said.

And Power TV CEO Kenny Tonga expressed gratitude to TopStar for enabling the station to expand their signal to all corners of the country and also take the brands of their clients countrywide.

“This exciting news is positive response to the many people that have been calling for the expansion of our coverage to their various places in Zambia. Our signal extension has come at a time when Zambia and the world at large are fighting the COVID-19 that has forced people to stay at home.

“Hence, Zambia’s music and entertainment channel will keep you informed, educated and entertained during 24 hours a day. We wish to thank our viewers for trusting and believing in us. Power TV will continue to give you nothing but more exciting quality local entertainment,” said Mr Tonga.

This is according to a media statement made available to The Independent Observer by TopStar Public Relations Manager Joy Sata.


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