Tommy Dee verse ‘TAH’ sets social media ablaze

 Tommy Dee verse ‘TAH’ sets social media ablaze

The Tommy Dee rapping verse ‘TAH’ in Koby’s song ‘keep forgetting’ has shaken the music industry and has left social media ablaze.

Facebook profiles in Zambia are painted TAH, insinuating that they understamd the social media trend of the rapping verse of Tommy Dee in the song below.

What has steered and evoked the emotions in the industry with TAH is how mockingly Tommy Dee reminds big artistes such as Macky, Chef 187 and Mampi that they were nothing before he introduced them into the industry though they pretend to be big guns.

Ordinarily, there has been beef between Kopala and Lusaka in the music industry but TAH seems to have taken Alpha Entertainment crew by storm.

The beef is championed by two music labels namely; XYZ of Lusaka led by Slap Dee and Alpha Entertainment of Copperbelt led by Macky 2.

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