Rangers fire its entire bench

 Rangers fire its entire bench

Nchanga Rangers has fired its entire technical bench citing poor performance of the coaches.

The Club Chairperson Yoram Kapai announced the dismissal of the entire technical bench after the last game of the season against Nakambala Leopards.

Kapai said the three were dismissed based on overall performance of the season which left the team threatened with relegation to the lower division.

The trio is Head Coach Evans Sakala and his two assistants Hector Chilombo and Evans Mwaba.

“As a club executive we have decided to part company with the three for taking it to the wire in order to survive relegation. We don’t want to find ourselves in the same predicament next season,” he said.

Amid of the season, Nchanga Rangers fired its Head Coach Bruce Mwape for the same reasons and promoted Mwape’s assistant coach Evans Sakala to lead the team for the remainder of the season.

The clipping reason though not said by the club executive, is low funding to the club.

There is growing rumour that Rangers has poor player rendition due to constrained finances from the sponsor Konkola Copper Mines KCM) and gate takings.

The team only receives K132, 000 per month to carter for players, coaches’ salaries and allowances plus supporting staff wages.

Elsewhere, the K132, 000 is not even enough for the salary of the head coach.

Gate takings are equally low because the turnout hasn’t been impressive, save the two last fixtures whose entry was free to open wings.

The fact that fans can troop to the stadium when the gates are free, it means the same fan can pay if the team is winning.

The good news is that towards the end of the season KCM spiced things up and started paying out direct winning bonuses to players on top of the K132, 000 and the team survived relegation.

The best KCM can do is to continue with its momentum next season, pay Rangers its monthly entitlements whether little or not, but focus more on winning bonuses which act as a catalyst for the players to die a little in order to collect the immediate prize.




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