No road blocks during peak hours; No chasing motorists

 No road blocks during peak hours; No chasing motorists

Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga has directed traffic police officers to stop mounting snap police traffic checkpoints during peak hours.

And Ms Katanga has warned traffic police officers on the Copperbelt to stop chasing motorists that evade traffic check points to avoid putting lives of other road users in danger.

Meanwhile, police in Chingola have recovered goods worth about one million kwacha stolen from various homes and the mines.

Speaking in Chingola recently during the handover of the recovered items, Ms Katanga said that traffic police officers should stop mounting snap traffic check points during peak hours.

She said traffic check points during peak hours become an inconvenience to residents who may be rushing for work or taking children to school.

“I expect police to be managing and controlling traffic during peak hours so that we quickly decongest the roads and help school going children to cross the busy roads. I don’t expect a police check point between 06:00 hours and 08:00 hrs, between 12:00 hours and 14:00 hrs and between 16:00 hrs and 18:00 hours,” she said.

Ms Katanga also warned traffic police officers to desist from chasing motorists that like evading traffic checkpoints.

She said chasing earring motorists pauses a risk to other road users and puts lives of many others in danger.

“Our officers must simply take note of the number plate and handover to the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) so that such motorists are penalized without endangering others.

“I also appeal to motorists to cooporate with the officers on the road and if they have any misgivings, we have the office of the Officer Commanding and if still they are not happy let them come to my office,” she said.

Meanwhile police in Chingola have recovered goods worth K932, 290 which include a truck stolen from the mines and various household appliances.

Ms Katanga said goods worth K999, 900 were stolen in Chingola between May and August 2017 but police managed to recover goods worth K932, 290.00.

“Of the K932, 290.00 stolen goods, K899, 840.00 have been identified by the owners giving us the variance of K32, 450.00. I retaliate that we are committed to protecting life and property of Zambian citizens. Such a mile stone can only be achieved if the community is involved. Our recoveries are about 99 per cent of total stolen goods,” she said.

She thanked police officers in Chingola for the job well done.

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