PF cadres disrespecting the Presidency-NDC

 PF cadres disrespecting the Presidency-NDC

National Democratic Congress (NDC) Deputy Spokesperson Chipoka Mulenga says the cadres from ruling PF are disrespecting the Zambian Presidency with their continued intimidation of police officers.

Mr Mulenga said the continued intimidation and harassment of the police by PF cadres is getting out of hand.

“It is insulting, demeaning and disrespectful to the commissioning office, the Presidency. Police officers are a pride of the nation and full members of Executive, the organ under the Presidency. Police officers are trained to maintain law and order in the country regardless of individuals involved. The uniform and duties they have, are commissioned by the President. Any kind of assault on the police is a direct assault on the Presidency under who it falls. Therefore, the PF must not allow cadres to treat the police like their pets. That treatment is actually directed on the head of State.

“It is unacceptable to see police officers being disregarded by PF cadres every day. Besides being civil servants, they are humans with emotions. Their fear to react is not a sign of being unwise or weak, it is because of the fear to be retired in perceived national interest when they act professionally. A precedence was set in Sesheke,” he said.

Mr Mulenga said Zambia Police officers need respect and protection from the head of state through the ministry of home affairs.

He said that it will be sad to see police run a mutiny because of being frustrated by PF cadres at the protection of the Government.

“This is totally unacceptable and an act of assault on the civil security wings. Ala nakanyelele ngawakapatikisha, kalasuma! It is only under the PF Government that we have seen cadres abusing the police. Unfortunately, they are being empowered by the executive. One thing that the government ought to know is that they are breeding a crop of hooligans that will turn on them soon.

“As NDC, ask the government to limit cadres in slapping its ministers and insulting them, but let them keep a distance from the men in uniform. We also ask the police to endure their hard working conditions but remain professional. Change is coming. The Police can not only be tough on the opposition by abusing the Public Order Act at the instructions of PF Government. They need to operate freely without fear and intimidation,” he said.


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