Misisi, Chibolya to be modernized

 Misisi, Chibolya to be modernized

President Edgar Lungu has revealed that Misozi and Chibolya compounds in Lusaka will be demolished and modernized.

President Lungu said Misisi, Chibolya and other unplanned settlements are characterized by overcrowding, with most urban residents lacking adequate access to housing, energy, clean and safe drinking water, sanitation, transport services, quality health services, quality education and employment opportunities.

He said these factors exacerbate environmental degradation and diseases such as cholera.

President Lungu charged that the status quo is totally unacceptable.

President Lungu posted this on his Facebook page when he arrived from the United Arab Emirates where he had gone for a two day official visit.

“Thus, my Government’s endeavor to re-develop “Misisi and Chibolya unplanned settlements” is to address the above-mentioned negative effects of unplanned settlements, and in that, meet the 7NDP overarching goal of; “accelerating development efforts towards Vision 2030 without leaving anyone behind.”

He said the modernization of Misisi and Chibolya compounds was one of the four priority infrastructure projects that the government submitted to Abh Dhabi Fund for financing consideration.

He said the other projects include the rehabilitation of 238 kilometres of the Serenje –Mpika road, which forms part of the North-East corridor, linking Zambia to the port of Dar es salaam in Tanzania and the upgrading of the 225 kilometre Kasela–Kaona road, which links North Western Province in Zambia, to the ports in Wavis Bay in Namibia and Durban in South Africa.

President Lungu said the other project involves the rehabilitation of the Beit bridge which links Zambia to Zimbabwe.

He said the inadequate levels and low quality of this infrastructure only leads to low economic activity and high production costs, leading to low competitiveness for our economy at regional, continental and global levels.”
SOURCE: Facebook Page.


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