Solwezi Council begins constructing community centres

 Solwezi Council begins constructing community centres

By Staff Writer
Solwezi Municipal Council has embarked on the construction of Community Centres in four of the five wards in the district.

The projects have so far commenced in Kamalamba, Kapijimpanga, Kimasala and Sandangombe wards.

In Kamalamba ward, WKP has been contracted to build the Community Centre at a total sum of K427, 583.20 (VAT EXCL). The works so far done include: excavation of foundation trenches, casting of foundation footings and building of foundation walls.

Kuzhika Limited was awarded a contract for the Kapijimpanga ward project which is currently at slab level and expected to be completed at a contract sum of K424, 195.20 (VAT EXCL).

Furthermore, Compstat Limited won the tender of K423, 989.50 (VAT EXCL) for the construction of the Kimasala ward community centre where the foundation footing and excavation of trenches have so far been done.

G-Greens Investment Limited is building the community centre in Sandangombe Ward at a contract sum of K479, 356.92 (VAT INCL). Excavation of the foundation, casting of foundation footing and building of foundation walls is underway.

The community centres are envisioned as places where various community development activities and functions will be taking place and once completed, they will host community activities, meetings and discussions. Furthermore, members of the community will be accorded an opportunity to interact with their respective ward Councillors, Ward Development Committee members as well as Council staff for efficient and effective service delivery.

The community centres have been designed in such a manner that there will be the main hall, 2 offices, a toilet and a Tuck-shop.

Suffice to state that the works so far are impressive and progressing well with the hope of being completed by November 2020.

This is according to a media statement by Solwezi Council Assistant Public Relations Manager Esther Chirwa.

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