Shenky is unsung hero

 Shenky is unsung hero

…let President Lungu honour him

The multi-talented Shugah Sounds artiste Shenky, has mesmerized Zambia to his rhythm especially the political arena like no other Zambian artiste.

Both Michael Sata and Edgar Lungu of PF rode on the rhythm of Shenky to sweep through the political arena and win as Zambia’s Republican Presidents.

Sata rode on ‘Dochi Kubeba’ while Lungu was on ‘Dununa Reverse” cruise control.

With these two political campaign songs, even the opposition political parties could mime and dance along.

How Shenky masterminds the beat and the lyrics to charm his fans, is a magic that most music producers in Zambia are yet to discover.

No wonder the anthem of all his productions have tinna!!! (fear) because his song production deserves to be feared by other music producers.

One would think, Shenky went to Harvard University to study music production, yet the Mansa raised boy taught himself of how to produce music on the computer.

Shenky whose real name is Martin Kapesha was born in Mufulira but at four he moved to Ndola Lubuto West, from Ndola he was sent to Mansa to stay with his grandmother at the age of 11.

Upon completion of his Grade 12 in 2006, at Mwense High School he started thinking of returning to the Copperbelt and he did in 2007.

Due to his passion for music, he joined Jeraboh Records in Kitwe owned by Dandy Krazy.

And his moment came in 2011, when he co-wrote, arranged and produced Dandy’s ‘Docnhi Kubeba PF campaign.

The song swept through Zambia like wild fire and at the end of it Sata went to State House and Dandy was honoured and received much monitory proceeds through the tour.

Yet the music producer and co-writer received zero ngwee and was never mentioned at any point by Dandy.

Grudge is not something associated with Shenky whose name has seen transformation and upgrade to arrive at the now known Shenky.

The transformation of his name started at school where his friends would call him Shi MK from initials of his name Martin Kapesha.

Then some of his pals couldn’t manage to call him Shi MK (Mr MK) then they resorted to calling him Shimk.

Realising the juice coming from the name, MK himself combined Shi and MK to sound as Shimk.

“Later some guys couldn’t pronounce it correctly so they used to call me Shink. And from there I had to change it to Shenk again later I added “y’ at the end and now it’s ‘Shenky’ which is the total transformation of the Martin Kapesa (MK),” he said.

The 30-year-old Shenky who dreams to be one of the African international artistes, relocated to Lusaka in 2015 in to enhance his dream.

Upon arrival in the midlands, he opened his studio in Chilenje which is located opposite Mikes pub and car wash, near Chilenje Police station and Chilenje Shopping mall called Shugah Sounds Entertainment.

Shugah (sugar) comes from his name Shenky Shugah in reference to his sweet sounds which leaves many artistes wanting to pass through his hands.

While in Lusaka, the Shugah artiste was targeted for the production of campaign song by Jordan Katembula popularly known as JK, this time to campaign for Edgar Lungu for his 2016 re-election on a ‘Dununa Reverse’ project.

On this project Shenky did 75 per cent of the song where JK, features Wile, Felix and Shenky himself.

“I produced the song, did the backing vocals and the last verse of the song. I was happy the song was loved by PF and other political players,” he said.

Sadly, Shenky never receive a ngwee from Dununa Reverse hit again.

During the marathon Presidential campaign team, Shenky was never flying in the PF Presidential team, instead he was put on the group of ‘other’ artistes.

Here again, he never received a ngwee.

Shenky who used to look up to K’Millian and Danny, never resented anybody and when he wanted to say thank you to President Lungu for the platform, he was blocked by other artistes.

Inspired by Fally Ipupa and everything that he sees around him, Shenky is a music producer, songwriter and record label Chief Executive Officer of Shugah Sounds.

“I have produced songs for most of the Zambia big and upcoming artists including Chef on his hit Spokesperson, JK on Angel, Dandy Krazy-Donchi kubeba Album, Mampi-Roller Coaster and Judy-hit song.

“I have also done my own songs including Kontamako (pend), Ukalenjibukisha (you’ll remember me), Fine gelo (Fine Girl), Tebanobe (they aren’t your friends), Ichiselema (addiction), bye bye, among others,” he said.

Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe who has worked with Shenky feels, the Shugah Sound artiste must be honoured by the President for contribution to politics especially to PF.

Kang’ombe said that Zambia likes honouring politicians leaving out technocrats.

“Let me state my view clearly. No single politician should claim credit without mentioning the technocrats who get the government machinery running to get the policies implemented.

“In explaining my point, let me use this analogy. Rewind back to the year 2011, when Dandy did the famous campaign song Don’t Kubeba for the Patriotic Front, no one bothered to ask who sat in a small studio in Kitwe to put the beat together and match the lyrics with the instruments. No one asked about the talented,” he said.

He said Shenky did the job.

The Mayor said in the eyes of the public it was Dandy Krazy who did the song.

“King Dandy was a hero and was awarded with Order of Freedom Award by the late President Michael Sata on October 24, 2012. My opinion is that we need to thank the many unsung heroes working as general workers or technocrats in government and how credit must go to them for carrying and implementing political visions,” he said.

Away from political songs Shenky was recently in the United States of America for several shows.

“My USA tour started on March 4 this year where I performed alongside international artists such as Tekno, Konsens from Jamaica and Akothe from kenya in Las Vegas, then Chigaco, Dallas, New york, Pittsburgh, Washington, Houston, Atlanta. The shows were all massive and ‘balekontama’ they were pending when dancing.

“I did a video in Dallas Texas which gobbled $5000 from my pocket. I think it’s the most expensive video in Zambia. The video features Abizzy from Sierra Leone on the song called Angelina stuck in my head done in Bemba and English. I also did two songs in USA ‘Kawayawaya’ and ‘Think about me’ which are already out,” he explained.

Back home, Shenky supports upcoming artistes and he has signed up four young talents on his label namely Dboy, Jazzyboy, MozB and Chinzy.

In 2016 Shenky also performed in London at the Zambian Independence celebration. May this October 24, marking the celebration of 53rd Independence be the moment for Shenky.

We hope President Lungu considers honouring this multi-talented artistes, rather than coming to honour him after his death (posthumously).

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