Open letter to Janny Sikazwe: Don’t accept FAZ appointment as Technical Director

 Open letter to Janny Sikazwe: Don’t accept FAZ appointment as Technical Director

Greetings Sir,

I know we don’t know each other in person but owing to your achievements in football as an International FIFA Referee, I have come to know you. Sir, today 1st September, 2018, we got news of your Appointment as New FAZ Technical Director. A move that we all least expected (including yourself I suppose).

Well in the field of soccer, you as a Ref are a part of play and as an exemplary Referee, you have accounted for yourself very well and your name is a good example of authority, firmness, fairness, fit, conflict resolver, transparent and ambitious, and s lot of young Referees are looking up to you. Maybe thats what they saw to deliberate on and arrive at your name.

Because of the aforementioned, I can’t doubt that you are likely to be the next Lead Instructor/Leader of Referees at CAF or FIFA level once you retire. This will come to pass on condition that you consistently account for yourself as a Ref up to the final whistle you will blow ( I pray ernestly that it happen).

Sir, I know you are a Christian who understand biblical truth that a good name is better than riches. And I know you may be aware that FAZ today is full of scandals, hate, hurt, disrespect, politics and groupings.

My advise is that DON’T accept the position of Technical Director. Stay away from FAZ corridors of power before it ruin your name.

Your time will come at a higher level and it will be through your diligence in Refereeing. If you drag your name into the politics of FAZ, It will overshadow the good you have done as a Referee.

Kambili Chilufya
Cc Wisdom Chewe

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