Nkole Katebe is new Chief Mwenda

 Nkole Katebe is new Chief Mwenda

Senior Chief Mushota has ratified the selection of Stephen Nkole Katebe as Chief Mwenda of the Chishinga people in Chipili district with immediate effect.

Chief Mushota used powers vested on him as the senior most of all the Chishinga chiefs to ratify and announce the selection of Mr Katebe as new Chief Mwenda number eight.

Speaking at his palace yesterday, the traditional leader said he was satisfied that the chief Mwenda Royal Establishment followed the due process guided by the family tree to select the new chief.

He revealed that at the selection meeting held on June 6, this year, all the family members unanimously selected Mr Katebe as the rightful heir to the throne from Chibwe Nambale royal family.

Senior Chief Mushota has since appealed to the royal families and the subjects in Mwenda chiefdom to recognise and give the maximum support to the new chief.

Chief Mwenda’s throne remained vacant due to succession disputes that engulfed the three royal families; Nchima, Kaunda and Chibwe Nambale following the death of Sophia Kombe Chibaye in March this year/ZANIS.

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