My Home Town Zambia halt operations

 My Home Town Zambia halt operations

My hometown Zambia has decided to stop operating in Zambia after some business allies of Mr James Ndambo felt uncomfortable to the recent investigations of suspected money laundering by the Zambian government through it’s investigative wings were conducted.

The Non government organization was founded in Zambia twenty five years ago before other countries in the world established their own but chaired by Mr Ndambo.

It’s main aim was to improve the lives of people through nertworking and creating connections globally but be able to develop villages of origin .It is a membership based organization that has been helping many Zambians in so many ways.

My Home town Zambia has been supporting many people with complicated ailments by buying air tickets for them to be evacuated to countries where they have better facilities for treatment.

Before the Zambian government commenced it’s investigations this year ,My Home town Zambia embarked on township roads upgrading in Choma district,a gesture that excited the local authorities.

The first ever world class street lights were installed in Choma’s Shampande Compound together with a beautiful road from Shampande to Mr Ndambo’s farm near Choma secondary school which was constructed at cost of 24 million Kwacha.

Mr Ndambo’s organization recently refurbished Choma Police station,donated three Hilux vehicles and one quantum bus for the security wing of the land .

He personally offered to pay for the training of police officers that are interested to further their study in digital money laundering investigations.

It was this generosity that prompted Southern Province minister Mr Cornelius Mweetwa to request for the rehabilitation of the road leading to Choma General Hospital,and Mr Ndambo could not hesitate but gave in to the minister’s request.

The organization further pledged to put up a maternity ward at the Choma Police station and work on three more roads within Shampande Compound.

The organization also empowered villagers in Choma rural with hummer mills ,cattle,solar power and houses.

When Choma experienced floods that destroyed people’s houses in Mbabala township ,it’s Mr Ndambo and his organisation that donated prefabricated homes at a cost of two million.

Certainly,the shutting down of My home town Zambia will surely affect many citizens ,not only in Choma but the entire Africa, because we still have people that are in international schools due to Mr Ndambo’s support.

Now that the organization is shut down in Zambia,where will the poor people of Choma lean on ? Who will wipe their tears Incase another disaster of floods visits them during the rain season.

Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.