Community engagement vital to address district challenges-Mayor


Chingola Mayor Johnson Kang’ombe has called for community engagement in addressing the many challenges in the district.

Speaking during a Green-Grant funds projects implementation program on enhancing community participation in local solution, resilience and climate change adaptation held at Nsumi lodge, Mr Kang’ombe said in order to achieve the agenda there is need to incorporate various key stakeholders which includes the church as it plays a vital role in community sensitisation.

He said the local authority has embarked on community engagement programs through the ward councilors and ward development committees to sensitive them on the need to improve the environment.

Mr Kang’ombe said the Chingola district like any other districts is faced with a lot of community challenges such as garbage collection in markets which can only be addressed with community participation.

He has since thanked the New Dawn Government for the huge increase in CDF as well as decentralization which has given the authority to the local people to decide of development.

Mr Kango’mbe also said that with CDF they will ensure that the people benefit in terms of development.

And, the future Preneurs Director Martin Kapamba said they have found out that the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) disbursement sensitization has not been done adequately.

He said most of the residents do not understand what CDF is because of lack of sensitization.

Mr Kapamba aslo said there is need for government under the local government ministry to ensure that the CDF guidelines are interpreted in vernacular languages for easier understanding by every citizens.

He said when this is done, all the residents in Chingola will understand what CDF is, expectations and how it is disbursed.

Mr Kapamba also encouraged the use of smart agriculture.

He said awareness on using safe and clean manure also helps in saving the environment.

Mr Kapamba called on residents to always report environmental pollution to relevant authorities.

Speaking at the same event, Chingola Municipal Council Director planning Sikazwe Chipoya said in order to iron out issues affecting the environment, stakeholders needs to be engaged to see how best a sustainable environment can be achieved.

He said the council will be engaging the residents soon in order to spread awareness on environmental pollution.

And Kasala ward councillor Boyd Mfunda  bemoaned the lack of participation from the members of the community in developmental projects.

He said the community needs to hold their elected leaders accountable by participating in various projects so that they know how their funds work.

Mr Mfunda said only by participating in ward developmental will residents know more about CDF.

The meeting was attended by Chingola Mayor, some ward councilors, the clergy and a representative from the DC’s office as well representatives from environmental groups.