CB Major water rehabilitation works commences

 CB Major water rehabilitation works commences

By Staff Writer
Mulonga Water Supply and Sanitation Company Limited (MWSC) has commenced construction, rehabilitation and extension of its infrastructure in Chingola, Mufulira and Chililabombwe.

The works are part of Zambia Water and Sanitation Project (ZWSP) worth EURO 156 million funded by the Government of the Republic of Zambia through loans from European Investment Bank, French Development Bank and a grant from the European Union.

MWSC Managing Director Ndila Hamalambo said that with the commencement of rehabilitation works particularly at Water Treatment Plants, customers will experience prolonged water supply interruptions to facilitate these works.

Mr Ndila said that the works will entail that some facilities will be isolated during construction and will affect water supply patterns in some areas.

“The start of rehabilitations and replacement of pumping infrastructure will result in disturbances in areas supplied by the particular facilities. We will work out a programme to minimize the impact which is expected to last until January 2023,” he said.

He said that specific schedules for water interruptions will be communicated to affected customers 24 hours in advance and that the company will ensure the disturbances were minimal

Mr. Ndila urged stakeholders to cooperate and bear with the company during the period of the disturbances in order for the works to be done efficiently.

“When the works are completed customers will be assured of reliable quality water supply and sanitation services as well as increased access for more communities regardless of the social status,” Mr. Ndila explained.

The Project aims to rehabilitate and expand key water and sanitation infrastructure, reduction of Non-Revenue Water (NRW), expansion of water and sanitation Programmes in Peri-Urban areas and capacity building of MWSC to enhance its commercial and institutional viability.

Alice Nachilembe


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