Chingola warehouses in undesignated areas, a danger-reader

 Chingola warehouses in undesignated areas, a danger-reader

Dear Editor,

On Tuesday August 4, 2020, there was a huge explosion in the Lebanese Capital, Beirut.

This explosion which took place at a very important port city killed 258 people, dozens were missing, thousands injured and destroyed business houses and properties, roads and residential areas.

Alas! In Chingola a named prominent Business person of foreign origin has a big warehouse in Chikola B, a residential area in a named street.

He is not the only one but I believe several of them have warehouses in some residential areas.

This poses a danger and a threat to humanity. We don’t know what is stored in such warehouses, in case of an accident this will kill a lot of people in the area.

Therefore the Municipal Council, the Zambia Environmental Agency (ZEMA), the ministry of mines and mineral development should start inspecting all residential areas and advise owners of such warehouses to relocate to industrial areas.

It is also surprising that makeshift copper smelters have mushroomed in residential houses areas.

Do we have employees from town planning offices? What are they doing? Why do they allow such illegalities?

This is not only in Chingola but other towns. For example one would find a residential house in one area and behind that house is a smelter, stone crusher or shoe making factory. We are sitting on a time bomb.

Government should not allow this. We do not want another Beirut explosion in Zambia, warehouses should be away from residential houses.

Moreover when trucks bring goods they arrive at awkward hours like mid-night or after midnight and drivers play loud music, thereby disturbing the neighbours.

Relevant authorities including town planners should revisit this important subject and rectify the mistake and take proper actions before any disaster occurs.

Concerned Citizen,
Sam Kalaba


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