Chingola Constituency: PF needs constitution interpretation

 Chingola Constituency: PF needs constitution interpretation

Dear Editor,

I write to appeal to Patriotic Front Party Secretary General Davis Mwila to resolve the impasse currently going on in Chingola Constituency without delay to save the party.

The infighting and squabbles in the party after the Constituency Chairmanship remained vacant are not healthy for the ruling party, hence this appeal.

If the SG fails to take remedial action, then the party President should take keen interest and call for cease fire before the Provincial Leadership elections slated for Ndola on 29th December, 2018.

The infighting is brought about by failure by some party members’ failure to interpret the party constitution after the Constituency Chairmanship fell vacant.

The seat fell vacant because the one who was elected to be the chairman is now the District Chairman.

In this event, is it not just prudent or even common sense that the Vice Chairman assumes the position of the Chairmanship and then call for elections for the position of Vice Chairman, or what does the PF Constitution say on such a situation?

To me, the impasse is because the camps fighting one another have failed to interpret the PF Constitution, which is a shame.

If not dealt with the urgency it deserves, this situation is bound to divide the ruling party in the district.

Is it because we Zambians have resolved not to take reading seriously as President Edgar Lungu stated not too long ago?

Wisdom Muyunda

The Independent Observer

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