3 injured in the Kafue Gorge inferno

 3 injured in the Kafue Gorge inferno

Three employees at Kafue Gorge Lower power station have been injured following an eruption of fire.

There was fire at the Gorge which was caused by a cutting torch and later affected the inflamable paint.

Energy Minister Matthew Nkhuwa, who confirmed the incident, said that he would issue a comprehensive media statement later today.

But was quick to point out that the fire has had no effect on the concrete walls of the dam.

Of the three employees who got injured during the inferno, one has been discharged from hospital while two are still hospitalized.

This is the most treasured project for both government of Zambia and the Ministry of Energy.

It is hoped that once fully operational, the country will see an end to the load shedding.

An initial 150 megawatts was expected to be injected into the power grid soon.

Kafue Gorge Lower is anticipated to generate 750mw once fully operational by May next year.

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