ZRA and CBU set plan to fix Taxonline

 ZRA and CBU set plan to fix Taxonline

Zambia Revenue Authority Commissioner General Dingani Banda has reconstituted a 40 member project team which has been tasked to fix about 271 documented problems on the Taxonline system.

Speaking to members of staff at the ZRA Innovation Centre in Lusaka, Mr Banda has challenged the reconstituted Project team to work diligently and ensure that the system which is critical for effective domestic revenue mobilization is fixed within the scheduled timeframes as indicated in the roadmap compiled by the team.

Addressing the project team comprising of combined ZRA and Copperbelt University (CBU) experts, Mr Banda reminded the team that the ZRA invested $3.5m of taxpayers money in the development of a home grown tax administration system which was expected to be successfully delivered within 26 months.

However, three years after start of the project, the system has not been delivered to the expected standard as shown by atleast 271 problems which have been compiled with input from internal and external stakeholders including the Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants (ZICA) and other business associations.

He further reminded the project team that the office of the Auditor General has also raised fundamental observations on the functionality and delivery of Taxonline.

Mr. Banda stated that in its current state, Taxonline has failed the three standard benchmarks of value for money, quality product and timely delivery.

Mr Banda reminded the project team that in 2022 the ZRA is expected to collect a gross of K107bn in order to attain a net collection of K91bn after paying K16bn in Refunds. Out of this amount, 75% is expected to be collected using the Taxonline through the Direct Taxes and Indirect Taxes and Excise Divisions.

Therefore, fixing the Taxonline system and ensuring that it meets internal and external users needs is paramount to the efficient operation of ZRA and its mandate to collect the much needed revenue for the Government.

Speaking at the same event, Copperbelt University Director IBIC, Mr Pastor pooping Hampande confirmed the CBU’s commitment towards addressing the identified problems and that 10 members of staff had been attached to the project team.

This is contained in a statement issued by Oliver Nzala ZRA Acting Corporate Communications Manager.

Alice Nachilembe


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