EF condemns proposed ZESCO connection fees

 EF condemns proposed ZESCO connection fees

The Economic Front has condemned hiking of ZESCO connection fees stating that New Dawn Government is determined to punish people with high costs of living and production.

Economic Front Spokesperson Humphrey Kabwe said while in opposition the UPND condemned the previous government for high ZESCO fees and promised to reduce the fees to affordable rates.

He said Government is increasing commodities without considering the challenges people are facing since they came into power.

ZESCO has proposed to increase the connection fees from K769 to K4, 600 in High Density, from K1, 720 to K7, 000 in demarcated high density and K2, 873 to K13, 300 in un-demarcated low density.

Mr Kabwe said that Zambians should understand that as long as the capitalists are leading the country, the cost of living and production will be increasing continuously.

“It is surprising to see President Hichilema, Ministers, and MP’S ignoring the cry of the people over daily increments. During campaigns, they went to every mountain and condemned the previously government for the high costs of living and production. But today they are the one’s finding pleasure in increasing costs of products and services as well as Increase poverty levels while they receive free electricity, free fuel, free food and free medical services,” he said.

He said the Economic Front believes that leadership is about making the lives of people easier and enjoyable.

“Profit should not be the center of governance but rather it should come last. Since President Hakainde Hichilema took office, people have being subjected to daily price increments which has pushed the costs of living to K9, 000 despite having promised to reduce it,” he said.

Mr Kabwe has since called on the NGO’S, the church and CSO’S to openly defend the people’s plight from further exploitation the current Government.