KCM fires all politically inclined employees

Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) Provisional Liquidator has fired all employees that are politically inclined to the opposition political parties.

Meanwhile, several PF aligned leaders and several councillors have been left to cross over to the restructured KCM.

Among the casualties is National Democratic Congress (NDC) Deputy Spokesperson Chipoka Mulenga who was Chief Surveyor at Nampundwe and Democratic Party Spokesperson Judith Kabemba who was Corporate Social Responsibility Officer at Nampundwe.

Others are Mimosa Phiri of UPND but an Engineer at Nchanga Mine and Gilbert Katongo of UPND who is aspiring to contest the Chililabombwe Constituency seat.

Mr Katongo is Corporate Manager for KCM as whole.

There has been a push for reorganisation of KCM which may not be bad altogether but some employees feel it was aimed at getting at some politically inclined employees.

This is not the first time KCM under liquidation is disorienting politicians that do not support the ruling party.

Like Mr Mulenga who was working from Konkola was transferred to Nampundwe together with Ms Kabemba who was at Chingola Head Office.

There was also an attempt last time that all employees that wish to actively get involved in politics should resign.

But this was met with resistance and the memo was recalled.

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