Will Mbappe Win the Golden Boot at the World Cup?

 Will Mbappe Win the Golden Boot at the World Cup?


As the most important international football competition is about to kick off on the 21th of November, bookies and punters are wondering who’s going to give his best performance on the field. Once again, we have a great number of very competent players in all teams, and many of them want to bring the World Cup back home.

People are also wondering who’s next for the Golden Boot trophy, and many are betting on wunderkind Kylian Mbappé, who has done a brilliant season under the PSG banner and is also a World cup winner from 2018. Will he score enough goals during the competition to win the Golden Boot, and who is he competing against?

Punters from all around the Globe are hoping to guess the best scorer of Qatar 2022, and entertainment, such as 10Bet online casino in Zambia are holding their breath to see who will come back with the trophy.

Kylian Mbappé: A Long Road Paved With Success

The 23-year-old has had one of the most successful careers in modern football, and it doesn’t seem to end tomorrow. Starting to play forward in Paris Saint Germain at the age of nineteen, Mbappé is simply piling up one win after the other, and his career is expected to span at least another decade.

Whether you’re an amateur in French football or not, this kid’s talent is undeniable. His playing style is fast and accurate, and the numbers speak for themselves, as he has already scored 28 goals for the PSG this 2021-2022 season. Looking back at his performance at the World Cup 2018 while he was only 19 years old (he scored a whopping 4 goals during the competition), Mbappé still has a lot to offer during Qatar 2022.

The Golden Boot 2022: What Are the Odds for Mbappé?

The Golden Boot is an honorific title that awards the best scorer during a year, and Kylian Mbappé is currently second on this list. Above him, Robert Lewandowski is scoring first place with 35 points scored this season in the German Bundesliga. Right after him, players like Ciro Immobile and Karim Benzema both scored 27 goals.


Bookies from all over the world give 7/1 odds for Lewandoski and 8/1 for Mbappé. Above all, the most serious contestant for Mbappé is the British Harry Kane. Lest we forget that he won the Golden Boot 2018 after a superb performance for England during the 2018 World Cup, being the top scorer of the whole competition.

However, a few older players still have a chance at winning the Golden Boot trophy in 2022. Think of Cristiano Ronaldo, who will be participating in his last World Cup at the age of 37. Despite a less-than-impressive 2012-2022 with only one score for the Nations League, the top player for Portugal has no choice but to deliver for its last hurrah.

Lionel Messi is placed in more or less the same situation, but he had a good last season with PSG club and is expected to give his A game for Qatar 2022. Unfortunately for him, a few injuries kept him from his best results, and although he’s still Real Madrid’s favourite stricker, there’s an assumption that his time has come to withdraw from the competition in the next few years.

Qatar 2022: Is France the Favorite of The Competition?

Of Course, Mbappé’s results are totally dependent on the rest of the French squad, and bookmakers’ allegdeluge gives the nation 33/5 odds to win the World Cup. They are indeed placed second, according to the website Oddschecker, and they should fight tooth and nail to get the cup home.

However, the last international matches for France have been fairly disappointing, with the “Bleus” losing twice against Denmark. Moreover, the French results in the last World Cups are generally very good (1998 and 2018) or very inconsistent (2002 and 2010). With top players such as strikers Mbappé, Benzema and Griezmann, France should at least get them out of the qualifying group with honours.

Mbappé hoping for Golden Ball 2022

Mbappé isn’t, by all means, a cocky player, but he certainly oozes massive confidence that he can back up with results. Not only might he get the Golden Boot trophy that is reserved for European players, but he is also (not-so) secretly hoping that he could win the mighty Golden Ball title in 2022.

Yet, the jury hasn’t decided who will win the biggest trophy in the football world. Lionel Messi won the Golden Ball in 2021 but did not make it on the list this year. It does give a lot of space for younger players such as Mbappé to win this trophy. Let’s see what will happen in two months and if the Bondy native will once again shoot for the stars and make the French nation proud.



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