UNICEF (SUN 11) to drill 30 boreholes in  Monze

 UNICEF (SUN 11) to drill 30 boreholes in  Monze

DFID-supported camps for refugees from DRC in Uganda. Andy Wheatley/DFID. April 2013

By Staff Writer
Monze Town Council (MTC) has commencement the drilling of 30 Boreholes and rehabilitation of 70 existing Boreholes in the district.

The UNICEF SUN II sponsored project commenced on May 23, 2022 and expected to complete in October, 2022.

MTC Public Relations Officer Kanchele Kanchele said the contractor is already in the district and is likely to be in Mayaba Ward today in readiness to start rehabilitation works.

Mr Kanchele said that the works being undertaken are supported by UNICEF SUN II under a program which was started in 2021 in 8 Provinces hence the role of the Council will be advisory and supervisory.

He said 30 Boreholes will be drilled and equipped with hand pumps in selected wards of the Districts.

“70 nonfunctional Boreholes will be dismantled, rehabilitated and equipped with hand pumps in various wards across the district. In addition to that, the contractor has been tasked to ensure that the water quality in the Boreholes which will be rehabilitated is of consumable standard for humans,” he said.

Mr Kanchele said the Local Authority is elated by the development because it will reduce the pressure on the Council to ensure that more people have access to clean water and shorten the distance for  people to access clean water.

He said the projects also means that more and more people will stop sharing water points with domestic animals.

Alice Nachilembe


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