The best football prediction sites in Zambia

 The best football prediction sites in Zambia

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Football is undoubtedly a hugely loved sport in Zambia with thousands of fans trooping to football broadcasting shops and centres every week to watch their favourite sport.

In the same vein, football betting is popular among these fans who look to go further on the entertainment and fun they derive from the sport by wagering funds on it. Nonetheless, as exciting and entertaining as the sport is, no punter wants to lose his money to the bookmakers.

It’s this desire to win as often as possible against the bookmakers that drive punters to search for the best football prediction sites in Zambia. This is necessitated by the desire to win as well as make informed choices from a plethora of available games and football events.

For instance, calculating and analyzing every piece of available data for each match is time-consuming and tiring, so punters in Zambia tend to use football prediction sites as a benchmark for their own instinctive picks.

This brings us to a rising football prediction website in Zambia called Zambiatips. The teeming popularity of Zambiatips is intriguing to some and for this purpose, this article will consider all of the traits and characteristics that make Zambiatips one of the best football prediction sites in Zambia.

Who Is ZambiaTips?

Zambiatips is a sports prediction website with a primary focus on football. The website offers free football tips and statistical analysis. These football predictions are arrived at through a complex computer algorithm which uses available match information such as team sheets, projected lineups, strengths, weakness as well as previous meetings of the football clubs involved.

By doing this, Zambiatips’ predictions often happen to contain the likeliest of outcomes based on probabilities. This calculative approach helps to reduce the wide margin of errors that could occur from picking bets on instinct or sentiments. It’s also time and cost-effective as users can access quality predictions on their favourite matches at any time and from anywhere they are.

Although primarily a football prediction site due to the sport’s popularity in the country, Zambiatips offers predictions and useful tips on a wide array of sports including basketball, boxing and casino gaming options. Punters can filter the predictions across several sports by selecting what leagues and or countries they want to view.

The website also features a search option allowing users to enter the team or league name instead of scrolling through multiple pages.

Whilst most football prediction websites feature a tip for almost every game, the aim of zambiatips is to provide punters with the right ammunition to defeat the bookies. As such, the website doesn’t feature predictions for every event as their tips are subject to an 85% prediction pass mark.

For context, the prediction page only features events which have an 85% or probability of coming in or higher. This helps to ensure the provision of reliable and quality tips. Furthermore, the website features a section where you can check the success rate of their previous predictions to gauge how accurate the computer algorithms are.

Zambiatips rewards its users for their loyalty with two mouth-watering schemes. First, Zambiatips users become eligible for promotions and offers from select bookies when they click on the ‘bet now’ button next to each prediction.

This is because the website has a partnership deal with some bookies operating in the country. This allows Zambiatips users to gain exclusive access to the best odds, bonuses and promotional offers available on the market. Second, by signing up with Zambiatips, punters are automatically entered into a competition to win a signed Alex Iwobi jersey without paying a dime.

Thus, you get unfettered access to quality predictions, updates and information about your favourite sports, bonuses and promotions from bookmakers, as well as a chance to win a signed Everton F.C shirt from Alex Iwobi, without any payment involved. It’s no surprise Zambian punters are all joining the bandwagon, you should too if you want to win big at sports betting.


In conclusion, the importance of an accurate football prediction site like Zambiatips in sports betting can’t be denied and punters are advised to consult such websites when deciding what games to bet on.

Also, punters should ensure to only stake what they can afford as there are no 100% certain games. As fun as football betting is, and can be, a smart punter knows to hit the brakes when the fun stop as addictive gambling can cause more than just financial losses.

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