State House gets firm on empowerment of locals


State House Special Assistant to the President for Projects, Implementation and Monitoring Andrew Chellah says Government is now in full gear of empowering local contractors.

Mr Chellah  was recently in Kitwe where he told all contractors that Government was not asking for the 20% but it was demanding.

And during that meeting one contractor from Chingola, stood up complaining that for the past five years has been renewing the company’s National Council for Constriction certificate but no job had been given to the firm.

Mr Chellah said he would take it upon himself to ensure that the Chingola firm was given a job.

Today, October 17, 2018 Mr Chellah had assigned Project Coordinator Kunda Chani to Chingola to link the contractor to Mulonga Water for a possible job.

He said Government desires that after delivering on most of the key projects, it is now time for the locals to benefit by having some jobs to empower their firm for future mega undertakings.

And Chuma Inama the proprietor of Ruchui General Construction met with Mulonga Water Director for Infrastructure and Development Ndilakulampa Hamalambo for a possible job.

Mr Hamalambo said Mr Inama has been told to see him or Mulonga Water on November 15, for immediate engagement for whatever job.