Respect judges- Mundubile

 Respect judges- Mundubile

By Staff writer

Leader of the Opposition in Parliament Brian Mundubile has called on Zambians to respect judges, as the Judiciary is ‘The Third Estate’ in the governance of the country.

Mr Mundubile said this as a result of false speculations recently of published reports, that Mongu High Court Judge, Wifred Muma had attempted to commit suicide.

He said, Judge Muma’s body was not found and yet some people said that he had committed suicide.

“As a people, we have to think deeply around this because it has raised a lot of suspicion because there are people that were very sure that Judge Muma would be found dead somewhere,” he said.

Mr Mundubile said some sections of society were sure of Judge Muma’s demise as reported that he had committed suicide.

Mr Mundubile said from the way that the matter has been handled, it was as if Judge Muma had already been judged, and the matter determined and found guilty.

Recently, Mongu High Court Judge Wilfred Muma is alleged to have been rescued from the Zambezi River after what police described as attempted suicide