Charity Katanga

Mpongwe man dies during sex, police arrest woman


A man in his 30s of Mwamba area in Mpongwe has died during a sexual intercourse with his lover.

Copperbelt Police Chief Charity Katanga said the incident happened on yesterday around 10.00 hours and identified the dead man as Johnstone Phiri while the woman as Mary Mwamba,24,of Kopu village in Luwingu.

Ms Katanga said Mr Phiri complained that his heart was beating at a faster rate and died immediately after the first round.

“The woman came all the way from Luwingu to visit her lover. So on the material day, they were having sex and Mr Phiri complained that his heart was beating too fast and that he had a headache. Am told it was during the first round when he dropped dead. Mwamba is in custody being interrogated over this death,” Ms Katanga said.

She said police have since apprehended Mwamba and that she is being questioned over Mr Phiri’ s death.

The body is Mpongwe mission hospital mortuary.

Source: Mwebantu