More local TV Channels added to TopStar platform

 More local TV Channels added to TopStar platform

By Staff Writer
The Public Signal Distributor TopStar Communications Company Limited has added two (02) local television stations in February to its platform.

This brings the number of local TV stations on TopStar Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) platform to thirty – four (34). This number also includes television stations that are broadcast in specific areas.

The new television stations are Spring TV and Crown TV whose areas of coverage are currently in Lusaka and surrounding areas.

The areas of broadcast as outlined are in line with the service level agreements (SLAs) signed between TopStar and the Content Service Providers (CSPs), who in this case are the Television stations as to which areas they may wish to transmit their content.

The addition of two local TV stations would also increase their audience and expand their news and current affairs product to their area of coverage.

As a Public Signal distributor, TopStar has the responsibility to distribute signal to all parts of the country and ensure that Zambian households have access to information and watch affordable TV.

The growing number of local TV stations on the platform signifies the importance of the role TopStar plays in the broadcast media industry. This is to enable every household have access to affordable television, providing local content that will impact the development of various communities through experiences and dissemination of information.

Said Ms Joy Chula, TopStar Public Relations Manager: “Our philosophy as TopStar is to support and encourage the distribution of local content on our platform to every household in all parts of the country through affordable subscription fees and the two additions to the platform have demonstrated that they are equal to the task to deliver quality local content which is captivating and informative. Please note that TopStar will always stand with the customer to enjoy digital TV.”

“Spring TV – Zambia’s first and only 24hour news station – is extremely excited to partner with TopStar. In just four years, TopStar has become a leading provider of local and international content at affordable rates. As Spring 24 TV, we also strive to provide the public with world-class content, driven by Zambian talent. Therefore TopStar presents the perfect platform for us as we grow to become the go-to news source in the region, and beyond,” said Spring TV Public Relations Manager, Margaret Silwizya

Crown TV Managing Director Mwape Kumwenda said: “As Crown Television, we are glad to partner with Topstar Zambia in the transmission of quality televison content to all parts of the country. We find Topstar a good partner as we know that their target reach is also ours.

With Topstar, we are sure of reaching out to not only urban areas of Zambia but rural parts as well.”





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