Kabwe Council slashes levies by half

 Kabwe Council slashes levies by half

By Thulasizwe Tembo
The Kabwe Municipal Council has reduced all business levies by 50 per cent for the licensing period 2017 to 2018.

The reduction comes amidst cries from the business community of high business levies charged by the Local Municipality in the district as compared to other districts.

KMC Public Relations Manager Mumba Mafwenko told The Independent Observer the council wants to enhance the cost of doing business in the district.

Ms Mafwenko said the Local Authority is a partner in development and after careful consideration it had decided to reduce all business levies to give relief to the business community in Kabwe.

She said the reduction is effective November 1, 2017.

“Among the business levies that have been reduced are; the Wholesale, Retail, Manufacturing, Wholesale, Commercial Traders, Commercial Banks and Micro Finance and Money Lenders.

“Others are theatres, Hawkers, Peddlers, Filling Stations, Professional Occupation, Scrap Metal Dealers, Car Wash and Hospitality,” Ms Mafwenko said.

She said the reduced levies had been categorized in three classes with each class paying different fees depending on the operating area.

The categorised area are the Central Business Area, Medium Business Area & the Settlement Area.

Ms Mafwenko said the council had further removed the Health Inspection and Fire Fees but stated that traders would still have to pay for the certificates.

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