Kabushi constituency seat nullified

 Kabushi constituency seat nullified

The Ndola High Court has nullified the election of Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo.

In this matter, United Party for National Development (UPND) losing candidate Bernard Kanengo petitioned Mr Lusambo of Patriotic Front (PF) citing malpractice before and during the August 12 General elections.

Lusaka Judge Edward Musona sitting in Ndola nullified the seat because there was widespread violence.

Judge Nusona said that Mr Lusambo did not disassociate himself from his militia group known ‘the Nato Forces’, which was attacking the electorates.

“I am satisfied that the respondent had knowledge of violence and his alibi regarding the violence episodes which were challenged by the petitioner, this is why I have dismissed Mr Lusambo’s alibi that he was not around Ndola when allegations that he was bribing choir members came up,” he said.

Judge Musona said Mr Kanengo’s democratic right was bandaged by corruption, violence committed by the bull dozer and his Nato Forces.

“I have no doubt that the witnesses saw the respondent. The alibi raised is in destitute of merit, I have upheld all allegations except for false publication, that he stormed a radio station while Mr Kanengo was appearing and the allegations that he caused violence in Toka ward, I now declare the election of Lusambo null and void,” he said.

And speaking shortly after the nullification of the seat, Mr Lusambo said he will remain strong and determined.

“There were a lot of gray areas in the judgment and almost immediately we are pushing for a notice of appeal. I have been a politician for quite some time so I am not moved or shaken, I will remain a politician and continue facing each,” he said.