DP to transform Chavuma into a tourist town Kabemba

 DP to transform Chavuma into a tourist town Kabemba

Democratic Party (DP) Vice President Judith Kabemba says Chavuma will have a face lift and will economically improve once DP forms government in August 2021.

Ms Kabemba was speaking in Chavuma when she met district and constituency leaders in the area.

She has bemoaned the non existence of developmental programs in Chavuma despite the area being blessed with natural resources such as the Zambezi river that passes through the area and a number of minerals.

Ms Kabemba also said that the PF government has failed to cease the opportunity and turn the area into a tourist town as well as industrialize it.

She wondered why a district with so much minerals has remained under developed and people continuing to live in abject poverty despite all these resources.

Ms Kabemba said it’s clear that youths and women in Chavuma have been left out on empowerment programs.

She said that under the DP government every youth and woman will get a chance to be empowered as long as they are Zambian.

She has since urged the people to vote for President Kalaba and the DP in order for the area to receive a share of the God given resources.

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