Chingola Mayor’s Christmas message: No one is bigger than Chingola

 Chingola Mayor’s Christmas message: No one is bigger than Chingola

Mayor’s Christmas message

Every Chingola resident is a witness to the transformation of the town from potholed roads to fully rehabilitated roads with some already installed with street lights.

We cried for too long for this development and we salute our President Edgar Lungu for ensuring that Chingola got a lions’ share.

The onus is upon residents of Chingola to protect this expensive infrastructure so that we are not made to redo the same job again and again.

I reiterate that no one is bigger than Chingola, all we need is to be collective agents of progress and promote clean environment.

Bacteria, thrive in dirt environments and during season like this one, such dirty mixes with sources of water thereby contaminating our water.

With the team of Councilors, we have reduced land illegality though this is an ongoing battle which needs every resident to be part of.

As the year comes to an end, I would like to thank all residents, fellow civic leaders, several business houses and stakeholders in general for your unwavering support during the year 2018.

I implore all residents to render our Council the same support so that we match together to vision 2020 when we want to attain the city status.

During this festival season, let us live in peace and promote unity.

Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year.

Titus Tembo
Mayor of Chingola.

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