Alleged corruption reports in the UPND worries EP

 Alleged corruption reports in the UPND worries EP



Economic Front Party has says it is shocked by the increase in theft and corruption levels under the United Party for National Development government.

Economic Front Chairperson for Information and Media, Fewdays Nsensema, said it is too early to see how government officials, civil servants and UPND party officials have started orchestrating rampant theft of natural resources in the country.

“Just look at the case where a truck laden with Sugilite impounded in Kabwe involving Senior Government Officials and UPND party officials as just a tip of an iceberg, there is a lot of illegal mining and theft of precious minerals happening across the country with the help of Senior Government and UPND officials,” he said.

Mr Nsensema said that the UPND in opposition sat on fence waiting for the Zambian people to vote them into government knowing where to go and steal.

He also said government to stop singing about corruption and theft in previous administrations and pretend to be angels in the eyes of Zambians, when there is grand corruption and theft of national resources in their regime.