Afunika drops WWIII

 Afunika drops WWIII

Bravo Records leading artist Afunika Chirwa has dropped his latest single ‘WWIII’.

The self-proclaimed King of Kalundila music has been in the studio with T-Rox to ensure that he ends 2020 on high.

His song WWIII is available on various digital platforms including YouTube.

In WWIII song, Afunika is telling married couples to stick with each other, rather than deciding to dump the partner who has suffered to build a home.

He says doing so is like evoking the spirits of World War III because the dumped partner’s complaints can lead to the down fall of the other.

The song reminds married partners to make their spouses, the past, present and the future.

Afunika says morally it is not right to leave a marriage partner who started with you in poverty and when there is boom, the other decides to catch new love.

Photo credit: Dennis DeeZee Zunda


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