Why do pastor’s kids get employed in SDA but not commoners’?

 Why do pastor’s kids get employed in SDA but not commoners’?

Why do Pastors’ children get employed by the church as soon as they graduate from Theological School but commoners like Joseph Wolff Sicheka Dan spend years on the pending list?

I know of countless friends, some of whom studied at Bugema University (an SDA institution), who never got employed, some became traders at City Market in Lusaka, some went back to University to study for other careers, while others left the SDA Church in frustration.

Why should Daniel Sicheka and many others continue hoping and hoping when the number of Conferences, Fields and Districts in Zambia keep being increased after sessions and jobs being given to Pastors’ children who study the same theology as them?

These are hard facts which we Adventists must address instead of keeping quiet and leaving dedicated men of God getting frustrated and leaving the church in disappointment.

Check the name of Pastors in Zambia, it’s the same names, there are even juniors in the Ministry: Father and son serving at the same time, or son serving and father retired.

God is watching you our leaders, be fair to the young Pastors, they have the same calling you have.

Paul Shalala
Invested Master Guide and long serving Youth Instructor in the SDA Church

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