We’re all corrupt

 We’re all corrupt

Dear editor,

We are all corruption accomplices. Give politicians a break!!! We the citizens are more involved in corruption than the politicians.

While we point fingers at them, the other fingers are pointing back at us! For one to supply to institutions, Government inclusive, you need to pay buyers 10% of the total contract value as a token of appreciation!

In mining contracting and supplying, there is information that from inception supplying has four levels of nchekelako (bribing) that is supplier registration, contract inquiries from the users, contract allocation by the buyers and finally payments office.

So tell me something. Where in this country can you undertake work without anybody demanding nchekelako? It’s not the politicians in councils who are getting plots under proxies and later reselling them.

It’s council employees. It’s not politicians at Ministry of Lands who will deliberately delay your title deed for four months until you pay nchekeleko and the title gets released within a day!

It’s not politicians working at ZRA/NAPSA/Compensation who will connive with employers to understate declarations number of employees or revenue and get away with nchekeleko! It’s not politicians who are working in banks, delaying loans so that after being paid nchekeleko loan bwangu bwangu yafuma!

You demand nchekeleko from retirees and job seekers. You arrange sham interview when in actual sense you are going to employ your relatives! At colleges, you leave out a certain number of rooms which only reappear after nchekeleko!

Law enforcement agencies get bribes and Look away! With all these examples, wouldn’t you agree that we are all corrupt?

Paul Kasonde
Concerned Citizen

The Independent Observer


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